January 30, 2012 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

A key component of Men Stopping Violence’s work with men is highlighting the value of personal work.  By personal work we mean the work of examining which harmful beliefs about men and women we have internalized, where we receive privilege and how we may use it to undermine the goals of our movement, and creating a level of self-awareness that allows us to identify our growing edges when it comes to this work.  A second key component of preparing men to work in this movement is accountability.  When we are accountable to women and the movement to end male violence against women and girls, we create a base for ourselves to do our work. This accountability helps us by giving us feedback about the work we are doing and ensures that our work holds a vision of safety and justice for women and girls at its center.  Without this accountability and feedback, we risk unintentionally undermining safety for women and girls. 

In this webinar we will explore the importance personal work, self-reflection and accountability.  We will share how creating a culture of personal work has helped Men Stopping Violence develop leadership among men and enhance our organizing efforts.  Finally, we will offer activities that grantees can use to begin to create this culture with-in their initiatives and with the men are organizing.