Men Stopping Violence (MSV) is excited to announce that we will be featured in a forthcoming three part PBS documentary titled A Path Appears. The series airs January 26, February 2, and February 9, 2015. Men Stopping Violence’s segment will be aired at 10pm on February 9, 2015. According to associate producer Jessica Chermayeff, MSV was selected because they were very impressed with our work.

A Path Appears is a follow-up film to the critically acclaimed and critically discussed Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide and will focus on violence against women across the Americas.

During three days of filming, Kristof participated in and observed our Because We Have Daughters program at Open Word Ministries, an MSV-facilitated dialogue about male violence with young men at Destiny Academy, and our Monday night class.

MSV and Kristof also engaged in a dialogue about community accountability.   Like most people, Kristof asked how we get individual men to change.  Ramesh discussed the importance of thinking beyond “good guys” and “bad guys;” Dick and Sulaiman reframed the question to focus on community responsibility for challenging misogynist culture and Ulester set up the big picture.  We encouraged Kristof to label policy decisions that harm women as male violence in the same way he would report on an individual man’s abusive behavior.

The following day, he expressed to Sulaiman his appreciation for the conversation. “It seemed as if it really helped him think about accountability in a different way.   That was something he had not given a lot of consideration to, and he was clear about needing to pay more attention to it,” said Sulaiman.

Kristof cited our work in his recent New York Times column