Saturday, April 6th, 2019

The #MeToo movement and related progress have sparked a backlash from those invested in maintaining patriarchal structures. Some men feel victimized by the movement and the possibility of accountability.  Other men are genuinely confused. Within this context, Men Stopping Violence offers practitioners a definition of male sexual violence against women which invites men into the conversation and into the movement. MSV’s definition of male sexual violence against women offers a critical addition to the field as it invites both men and communities to interrogate the socialization and training which all men receive concerning male entitlement to women’s bodies.

This workshop reviews and critiques current definitions of sexual violence. The workshop then presents Men Stopping Violence’s definition of male sexual violence against women and how that definition is applied directly in Men Stopping Violence’s batterer intervention program, in the community at large, and on campuses.

Join Men Stopping Violence Saturday, April 6th from 4pm – 5:15pm at Emory Univeristy’s RespectCon.

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