When Men Stopping Violence (MSV) opened its doors in 1982, there was little being done to engage men in preventing violence against women and to change the behavior of men who battered women. During the ensuing years, MSV’s methodology was carefully developed, evaluated, and refined. This careful approach has established MSV as a premier national training institute in engaging men to end male violence against women. For many years, the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women’s (OVW) has recognized MSV as a leading voice in this field, contracting with the organization to conduct national training on men and women working together, effective interventions in African American communities, and training young men to work in the field of violence prevention. Having delivered training and consultation in forty-eight states, Canada, the Caribbean, Great Britain, Morocco, Ghana, Mauritius, Seychelles, Taiwan, and Brazil. MSV recently served as a training and technical assistance provider for OVW’s “Engaging Men in Preventing Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Stalking” program.

MSV trains leaders from all disciplines: business, non-profit, faith-based organizations, government, higher education, healthcare and more in communities and classrooms nationwide.

Whether it’s individuals, groups or entire organizations, MSV can provide training on individualized topics or a comprehensive series on a range of topics related to ending violence and oppression. Training and consultation varies in format according to the needs of the client.

If you are interested in requesting a training, please look over our past trainings to understand the variety, scope, and expertise we can bring to events. To request training, a consultation or presentation, please  contact Lee Giordano at 404.270.9894.




Dee Kennedy, Massachusetts State Court
“Your training met and surpassed all my expectations…What continues to amaze me is the level of caring and commitment that comes through in your presentations…As you might imagine, several people signed on for the training to travel. They didn’t really expect to get much out of it other than a break from the daily grind here. And, they haven’t stopped talking about it yet. In my 11 years at the courthouse I have never seen a training generate this much thought, conversation, and interest in learning and doing more.”

Judge Sydney Hanlon
“Attending the Men Stopping Violence training is one of the best things that I have done in fourteen years as a judge. The trainers had an extraordinary ability to combine…a commitment to holding a man accountable with genuine respect, compassion, and understanding of his situation in life…Watching them work with violent men, both in the one-time court class and, also, in the ongoing batterers’ intervention group, was a remarkable educational, if very difficult, experience. I believe that the work I saw made a significant contribution to personal and community safety in the lives of their clients, and I try to bring what I learned to the work I do every day.”

Secretary of State Cathy Cox
“I have worked with a number of members of Men Stopping Violence over the years, particularly in regard to legislation on domestic violence while I was a member of the House of Representatives. They are extremely dedicated, professional, and committed to making a significant dent in domestic violence in Georgia.”

Col. Thomas L. Strand, Commandant, Air Force Judge Advocate General School
“Thanks for a spectacular presentation. The 45 students loved your knowledge and delivery. It was clear from their comments that your presentation significantly expanded their horizons of thought as to the real-world applicability of the information they had just learned.”

Faith-based Organizations

Joslyn Ogden, Faith/Community Liaison
“The way you presented your message of hope, action, and accountability was incredibly powerful. The depth of your sincerity and commitment to a gender-just world was evident throughout. I was so pleased to learn that Men Stopping Violence’s philosophy recognizes the need for broad social change and gently, truthfully reminds the community that violence against women, all violence really, is not somebody else’s problem.”


Rodney, Men Stopping Violence Intervention Class
“Men Stopping Violence has changed my life. I am so glad that I went through the 24-week class. Now I try to get all the men I know to sign up. All men need this. I even offered to pay for my nephew to take the class. Anything I can ever do to help Men Stopping Violence, you just let me know.”

Casey Gwinn, San Diego City Attorney

“I strongly recommend Ulester Douglas, MSV’s Director of Training, as a trainer and expert in working with batterers. Over the last 15 years, I have worked across the country on domestic violence issues. Ulester Douglas is one of the most articulate, dynamic, insightful speakers on offender dynamics that I have heard. It is leaders like Ulester that help us to change the world.”

Christi Ketcham, Executive Leadership Team: Project South
“You are awesome! On behalf of the Youth Council and Project South, we appreciate and thank you for attending and talking to our youth. You are definitely an ally to young people in Atlanta.”