BWHD Training

Because We Have Daughters Facilitator Training

May 22nd – 23rd, 2020 in Decatur, Georgia

Men Stopping Violence has developed a comprehensive training on how to facilitate and administer the BWHD program.  This training is being offered to a wide range of agencies and organizations including faith communities and social service agencies.

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Utilize the skills necessary to facilitate a BWHD program
  • Identify and address key issues in conducting the BWHD program
  • Summarize the seven core values of BWHD
  • Describe and implement the structure and process of a BWHD session
  • Create BWHD activities to be used in their local BWHD program

 The training is free and you will receive:

  • A detailed facilitation guide
  • A model BWHD session
  • An instructional DVD
  • A template to help design your own BWHD session

The work of Because We Have Daughters® (BWHD) is based on a set of core values. Men Stopping Violence (MSV) uses games and activities that help fathers and daughters connect around those core values and incorporate them in to their relationships. The session also creates a safe environment for fathers to talk to each other about those values and for girls to discuss concerns and needs they might have. Often men tell MSV that it is the first time they have talked to other men about topics such as parenting, sexism, active listening, etc.

MSV provides training to community organizations and other institutions so that they can conduct their own BWHD sessions. This is a two day training that includes a model BWHD session, a detailed workbook, skill building in facilitation and other communication tools, and a template that allows the attendees to design their own BWHD sessions. 5 hours of follow up technical assistance is also included.

For more information on BWHD click here or please contact Lee Giordano at 404.270.9894.