Men’s Awareness Program Presentation

Men Stopping Violence is proud to present the recently completed Men’s Awareness Program Presentation (MAPP). The Men’s Awareness Program Presentation (MAPP) is a 90 minute presentation provided free of charge by members MSV’s Community Restoration Program. MAPP is about educating all men about violence against women and how to be in their relationships with the women and the children in their lives. Through a series of exercises, MAPP instructs men about how to be catalysts in their communities for social change and how men can go about preventing violence against women.

MAPP, was inspired by a Fathers Day Poll conducted by Futures Without Violence, formerly known as the Family Violence Prevention Fund. According to the 2007 Poll 67% of men thought Domestic Violence was a big problem. When asked about the creation of MAPP, CRP Coordinator, Langston Walker said “If men really think violence against women is a big problem, then men can show up at Candlelight Vigils and speak out in their communities in regards to violence against women. Because we need more men in the movement speaking out, we decided to create a presentation, primarily for men’s groups and faith-based men’s groups, to raise awareness about male violence against women and get more men involved”.

For more information about how to create safer spaces for women and girls in your community or to schedule a MAPP presentation for your group please contact Lee Giordano at 404.270.9894.