Mercury Online Multi-Media Training

Mercury is an educational tool that allows men of all ages to become a part of the work of building safer communities. It’s a helpful start for any man wanting to better understand male violence against women, and to prepare himself to help prevent violence.

Mercury is adaptable and can used by anyone with an internet connection.  It can be used with groups that are geographically close to each other or far apart.   Mercury offers a comfortable online learning experience combined with a facilitated group discussion allowing you to learn at your own pace and receive support from others.   If you or someone you know is interested in Mercury, please contact Ulester Douglas.   If you are not in the Atlanta area, you will be supported to identify other men with whom you can complete Mercury.

If you or your organization is interested in using Mercury as a way to help men get started in preventing male violence against women in your community, please also contact Ulester Douglas to discuss how we can collaborate.