In March, 2020, WomenStrong International awarded grants to Men Stopping Violence and 12 other community-based organizations working on women’s health and violence prevention in cities in Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mexico, The Philippines, Rwanda, South Sudan, the United States, and Zambia. 

Though they represent different cultures and geographies, WomenStrong International selected organizations that are listening to women, building community champions to support them, harnessing resources to address their needs, and challenging harmful social norms that endanger women’s lives. 

As part of their grants, WomenStrong facilitates Learning Labs in which grantees document their experiences and amplify their lessons learned for the benefit of a far broader community of organizations. 

Men Stopping Violence is honored to join the Action Foundation in Kenya, Black women’s Blueprint in the US, Centro Mujeres in Mexico, Crown the woman in South Sudan, Gender and Development Cambodia, and the Rwanda Women’s Network in the WomenStrong violence prevention learning lab. 

“Our Learning Lab allows WomenStrong members to develop, test, sharpen, and share solutions in a safe, peer-learning environment where they are free to take risks and to acknowledge when things are working, and when they are not,” says Dr. Susan M. Blaustein, WomenStrong Founder and Executive Director. 

We are grateful to WomenStrong International for supporting our mission of engaging men and communities to take action to end violence against women.